1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a magic genie that is used in almost every market sector. Many Indian companies are planning to invest or have already invested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, so they are not behind. AI will be used in the market for video surveillance, also known as CCTV, in 2022.

The Indian AI market's importance in the CCTV industry has grown considerably. More than 116 million network cameras are being shipped, creating almost 9 Petabytes of video data daily. AI-based technologies are seen at the local and regional levels of government in India. Most businesses use AI-powered smart video cameras to keep an eye on the security integrators and get helpful information. Artificial intelligence aims to improve and optimize every part of how well a video works.

2. Monitoring Potential Threats

People will use more CCTV cameras in their homes and businesses because of the possible dangers and the rise in criminal activity in Indian cities. Video surveillance makes it easier for the owners to get paid for the damage that bad people do.

They will be used more as identification tools that help people follow the law and protect their property. More than 1,826 CCTVs have been put up per square mile in Delhi, the capital city, to stop possible threats. The police say that these closed-circuit TV cameras have helped them solve more than 75% of crimes.

3. Rise of 5G

Home CCTVs have become popular because of another trend. People are even moving to IP-based cameras because the internet is so fast. India already has a lot of private companies in this market, and you can buy smartphones with 5G capabilities. Cybercrimes can also be stopped with the help of 5G.

The reason is that the 5G network has more places for traffic to go than the 4G network, which has a central hub. It helps figure out where the hackers are, and if your CCTV camera is being hacked, the police will know about it immediately.

4. The Government will Hold a Maximum Share

The government will have the most money in the CCTV market in 2022. Video surveillance cameras make people feel safer, especially women and children. The IP cameras will be put in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities where the internet connection is solid and high-quality images with sound can be captured.

Delhi and Mumbai were the first Tier-1 cities to get thousands of cameras. Telangana, Gujarat, and Tier-2 cities like Punjab will use facial recognition devices to watch for possible threats. Under the Nirbhaya Fund, the government will put CCTVs in almost 50 railway stations. This will cost INR 17.64 Crore.

Wrapping Up

In the past few years, the Indian CCTV market has increased, and the capital city still has most of these video surveillance cameras. Even some cameras have a way to store photos in the Cloud. Visit Saycure to find everything you need about CCTV, Surveillance HDD in one place.

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