Whether there is any reason behind the cancellation of your booking, there would be an unexpected risk to the value of your WestJet Airlines reservation. It would be best if you followed the cancellation policies mentioned below to prevent such unwanted certainties.

If anyone follows the restricted hours to cancel the flights within the specified hours, they are liable for a cash refund.

  • If anyone extends the risk-free or restricted hours to cancel the flights, They are liable to pay the cancellation fees.

  • The WestJet Airlines Cancellation fees depend on the class and number of passengers.

  • If someone cancels their refundable tickets after 24 hours of booking, the cancellation fee will be deducted from their booking value.

  • In the case of Non-refundable air ticket holders, if the WestJet Airlines cancellations take place after the restricted hours, they are liable to pay the extra amount as cancellation fees.