Water is one of the most important things for keeping life going. But it can be challenging for many people, especially those who live in big cities like Bareilly, to get clean water.

Pollution and contamination of water sources are getting worse for many different reasons. So, using a RO is essential because it protects you and your family from a wide range of water-borne diseases by filtering out all the dangerous chemicals.

But just like any other home appliance, a RO needs to be serviced often to ensure it stays healthy, works well, and doesn't wear out faster than it needs to.

Many dangerous infections can be spread by water, but they can be avoided with regular maintenance. Here, we'll talk about how to service RO at home to keep it running at its best.

Basic steps for RO Service at home are as follow:

  • Drain pre-deposited water.

  • Cut off the electricity to your RO to turn it off.

  • Take out the reverse osmosis membrane and the pre-filter from the system. But you might need a wrench to open its shell.

  • Mix 2-3 tablespoons of bleach and a cup of lukewarm water to make a solution.

  • Use a brush to clean both sides of the paper layer.

  • Pour your cleaning solution into the pre-filter housing to eliminate any buildup.

  • After cleaning and rinsing everything, you can put your system back together and turn it around on. However, your RO's user manual may have some additional self-service instructions because each model differs.

Note: RO filters must be changed every 3–12 months, but this can vary depending on the type and model. If you don't change the filters often enough, the dirt that has built up on the surface of the filter could get into the clean water and cause several diseases.

Why is calling a professional RO service beneficial?

Avoid unwanted damages:

An RO is made up of a variety of replacement parts. Since you are not an expert, you risk causing damage to any of them without even realizing it, so it is best to seek assistance from a professional.

Saves time:

If you decide to have a professional service your RO, you can finish a game of chess or a round of carom before the technician arrives to service your cleaner, saving you time on the weekends.

Early problem detections:

Because experts are familiar with various appliances, it is simpler to recognize even the most minor problems that may arise and find a solution to those problems before they become significant.

Complete satisfaction:

Professionals qualified to do the job, such as those at one point services, always perform their duties with integrity and precision, leaving no room for error. In addition, they offer a service that is guaranteed to meet all your requirements.

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