How to get dApp development rewards?| 如何获取 dApp 开发奖励?

1、dApp developers get a 10% eco reward from each creator. For example, a creator gets 1000 COS rewards through the dApp you developed, so the developers of dApp will take 100 COS from it.
2、The contentos Foundation also allocates some from the 500 million dApp startup reward pool to important dApp partners.

1、dApp 开发者能够从每位创作者身上获得 10% 的生态奖励。例如一个创作者通过你开发的 dApp 拿到了1000个COS的奖励,那么 dApp 的开发者会从中分走100个COS
2、contentos 基金会也从5亿 dApp 启动奖励池中分配一些给重要的 dApp 合作伙伴

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