The OpenSea Clone Script is an NFT solution pre-engineered to provide a comprehensive set of features. The platform is based on a decentralized blockchain network. The customization feature will facilitate the launch of the platform within a short amount of time for entrepreneurs. Here is a brief explanation of OpenSea Clone's functionality.
It does not matter whether they are buyers or sellers, they both have to register on the NFT marketplace and create accounts by filling out the required information.

Digital assets can be purchased only by buyers who connect their wallets.

However, sellers can mint their works and list them by providing the necessary details such as name, description, price, and other information needed to conduct a transaction.

It is possible to buy NFTs at a fixed price (when the NFTs are buyable) or join an auction and start bidding (when the NFTs are biddable). When listing on the Marketplace, sellers make these choices.

The buyers will hold the NFTs once the payment process is complete. When a transaction occurs, the platform owner will charge additional fees like gas fees.