Generally, Web3 wallets are categorized into two types
Hot Web3 Wallet & Cold Web3 Wallet.

  1. Hot Web3 Wallets
    Hot wallets are crypto wallet which is connected to the internet. Hot wallets possess the characteristics of easy usability. The funds stored in the hot wallets will be online, which also serves as a negative for them. Because they are prone to attacks.

There are two types of hot wallets, Web-based & Mobile based wallets.

Web-Based Web3 Wallet
Web-based wallets can be used by setting them as an extension for browsers. We can send & receive cryptos & interact with web3 dapps & other web3 platforms with these extensions. A good example of a web-based web3 wallet is Metamask.

Mobile-Based Web3 Wallet
Mobile-based wallets will allow users to manage their assets on mobile. We can also interact with Web3 platforms on mobile via the Wallet Connect feature.

  1. Cold Web3 Wallet
    Cold wallets are the one which is not connected to the internet.
    Cold wallets are offline storages that will store cryptos & digital assets offline. A famous example of a cold wallet is Ledger cold wallet.

If you want to create your own web3 wallet you can contact any web3 development company.