Turkish Airlines' cancellation policy guarantees that you will have an exceptional flight experience and can easily request a refund. Read the cancellation policies to learn your rights and get the most out of your flight booking.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy for group reservations may differ and are governed by group contracts.
Once a ticket is purchased and reserved, the airlines don't offer refunds. This applies if the traveller books a flight that has restricted fare policies. Only future travel credit may be used to redeem the aforementioned refund.

When a reservation is cancelled, the airlines keep the money as a future travel credit that can be utilised for subsequent reservations and redeemed within 365 days after the cancellation date.

In the event of a flight cancellation, travellers are only eligible for a reimbursement if they decline the airline's alternative trip.

Regardless of the booked fare type and service class, the airline's ticket cancellation policies would apply to both limited and non-restricted fares.