How are glass staircases made?

  • Before we can understand how safe glass staircases are, we must look at how they are made. The shape of your glass staircase will depend on how it was designed, but most glass staircases are made of structural glass panels.

  • Whether or not your fences are also made of glass depends on how you like things to look, but most glass stairs have treads made of structural glass, which is toughened, laminated, and made to hold weight.

  • Most structural glass is toughened and laminated to make it as strong as possible. Toughened laminated glass is the safest and strongest glass that can be made: After toughening and laminating, if a panel broke, the interlayer would keep the glass panel together, and the toughened glass would look like it was scratched.

  • The small pieces can still scratch, but the glass wouldn't have broken into dangerous, sharp pieces. The case could still be used and would still be strong. But we suggest that any broken panels be fixed as soon as possible to keep the building as strong as possible. The glass is then bolted into place using a system that fits into grooves in the handrail and base rail, or a glass bracket or clamp is used to hold it in place.

  • The stringer, or the structure of the steps, will be bolted to the glass treads, which will have their brackets fixed into the glass. Depending on how the stairs are made, the space between the risers will be open or closed.

Are glass staircases safe?

  • So, we've looked at the materials and basic building blocks of glass staircases to see that the glass used in them isn't the usual annealed or tempered glass. Glass staircases are no more dangerous than wooden or metal staircases because they are reinforced with toughened, laminated structural glass panels and have secure fixings. This means that glass staircases are just as safe and useful as wooden or metal staircases.

Are glass staircases safe for children or pets?

  • Another common question is whether or not children or pets are safe on glass staircases. Of course, as we already said, new parents and pet owners tend to worry most about spiral glass staircases or floating glass staircases.

  • It can be scary when the treads look floating but don't worry! Studies have shown that these treads are just as safe as regular steps.

  • If you are still worried, there are ways to make floating glass stairs safer for children. If you want a simple DIY solution, you can find large sheets of plexiglass at big box home improvement stores. These sheets could be used as a temporary "back" for the treads. You could also put a carpet runner on the stairs to make it easier for paws and little feet to move up and down the stairs.

  • Get in touch with Glass & Stainless for other custom designs for your glass spiral staircase or glass floating staircase. With your made-to-measure design, you can keep worries and accidents at bay!

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