Students are encouraged to think about the topic of their dissertation early in their research. A dissertation proposal is a comprehensive statement of the scope and nature of a student's research interests. Students submit a draft proposal to their thesis supervisor by the end of the second year of study.

According to experts at Dissertation Writing Services, the major components of the proposal are as follows:
A detailed statement of the issue being investigated and the circumstances under which it occurred. This requires justifying the importance of the issue from both a theoretical and a pedagogical point of view.

A thorough review of the literature relevant to the research question. This overview is intended to provide evidence that the relevant professional literature has been thoroughly researched.
A statement of the overall design of the proposed study, including:
a. its general interest in explanations.
b. The general theoretical framework within which this interest is pursued.
c. A model or hypothesis to test, or a research question to answer.
d. A description of the conceptual and operational properties of the variable.
e. An evaluation of techniques for amassing suitable evidence. A dialogue of a way to interpret the evidence.

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