RO (reverse osmosis) Water Purifier:

The technique of osmosis is utilized in this method of water filtration. Osmosis forces the water molecules to travel across a semi-permeable membrane while the pressure is increased.

Through this method of filtration, the water is cleansed of the most significant number of dissolved salts, big particles, pollutants, and bacteria. It is transformed from hard water into soft water.


  • Because it is filtered only after all of the microorganisms have been eliminated from the water, RO water is highly sanitary because it does not contain any contaminants.

  • RO water purifiers are efficient for eliminating heavy metals and dissolved salts from water while lowering the water's TDS value.
    In addition, this water purifier removes contaminants that are suspended and visible, and it also does an excellent job of cleaning dirty water.


  • Electricity is necessary for RO because it raises the water pressure to a level where it can overcome the resistance of the semi-permeable membrane.

  • Because these machines throw away clean and polluted water at each stage of the purification process, a significant amount of water is wasted.

  • According to the findings of studies, a RO purifier eliminates contaminants from the water and eliminates vital minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. As a result, it is recommended that one select a system that has both RO and mineral fortification technology, as this will restore all of the beneficial minerals.

UV (ultra violet) Water Purifier:

An ultraviolet (UV) water purifier uses germicidal light to clean microbiologically hazardous water. Because the UV wavelength messes up the DNA of live creatures in the water, these organisms cannot reproduce and will no longer make you sick.

If you consume water contaminated with bacteria, the organisms can implant themselves in your digestive tract and reproduce. By causing damage to the nucleic acids found in bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi's DNA, ultraviolet light prevents these organisms from being able to reproduce.


  • UV water filters can function with the normal water pressure typically found in homes.

  • It does an excellent job of cleaning the water by disposing of bacteria that aren't apparent.

  • Here there is no wastage of water.

  • The flavor of the water has not been altered in any way.


  • The most significant negative is that even when all the germs are eliminated, the water still contains microorganisms that have died.

  • If the water is cloudy and contains a significant amount of sediment, the ultraviolet light from the water purifier will not be able to disinfect the water effectively.

  • The TDS level of water cleansed with UV light does not alter.

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