Do you feel that your partner's ambiguous signals are a trick on you? Are you sure they feel the same way about them as you do? We'll teach you how to get into his mind and obtain what you want in addition to the apparent symptoms he's faking he doesn't like you.
Male body language may be passionate, cool, or regular depending on the situation. He might be kind and sympathetic, but that doesn't mean he is all the time. Men inherit this genetic trait from their parents, which causes them to act badly. Then, how do you locate the proper signal? It's just complicated to check for these beforehand signs he pretending not to like you.
One of the most effective non-verbal communication techniques is body language. Someone who is in love with you will move differently when they are near you or when they are conversing with you. Body language is important, and you may infer a person's thoughts about you by watching them.