Get contentos out of the block reward | 获取 contentos 出块奖励

There are up to 21 outbound nodes in the contentos public chain system, which are ranked according to the number of votes obtained, from the top to the bottom. Take the first 21 bits. For each block node, if you generate a block yourself, you will get a certain block reward.

1、Block node request
a)At least one AWS m5.2xlarge or equivalent (8 core / 32G memory / 1000Mb bandwidth) machine, Linux series operating system, (Note: the annual fee for a single machine in AWS is about 3363$)
b)A development engineer responsible for system deployment and updates
c)Need to maintain close communication with the contentos team in the early stages of the launch, so that you can quickly fix bugs and updates in the system.
d)At least 10,000 VESTs must be held in the account participating in the election.
2、Node registration
Register your own account as a list producer through the registration function of the public chain.
The number of votes of the producer is equal to the sum of the vest balances of all users who voted for this bp. After the registration is completed, the number of votes of bp is 0 without user voting. Therefore, bp needs to call more users to vote for itself.

contentos 公链系统中最多有 21 个出块节点,按照获得的票数从大到小排序,取前 21 位;对于每个出块节点,每当自己产生一个 block,都会获得一定的出块奖励

a) 至少一台 AWS m5.2xlarge或者相等配置(8核/32G内存/1000Mb带宽) 的机器,linux系列的操作系统,(注:AWS中单台机器的年费大约为3363$ )
b) 一名开发工程师,负责进行系统的部署和更新
d) 参与选举的账号中必须持有至少10000个VEST
通过公链的注册功能,将自己的账号注册成为 block producer
block producer 的票数,等于所有向这个 bp 投票的用户的vest余额之和,注册完成后,在没有用户投票的情况下,bp 的票数为0,因此,bp需要号召更多的用户给自己投票

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