A private limited company is one of the most well-recommended ways to start a business in India. Limited liability and some ownership restrictions are provided by this type of business to its stakeholders. Partners of an LLP are the owners and managers of the business. However, shareholders and directors may not be the same in a private limited company.

Taxshooter, your trustworthy lawyer, provides affordable company registration services in India. Information on business registration is available here. Every legal requirement is handled by us, and we abide by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs' guidelines. Following the approval of the company registration process, you are given a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), a PAN, and a TAN. Now that you have opened a checking account, you can operate your business.

Creating a private limited company (PLC) is a frequent way to start a business in India. Improved reputation, autonomous legal existence, founders' limited liability protection, and ease of raising outside finance are all advantages. A company structure is therefore preferred by startups and forward-thinking businesses because of their higher risk and growth aspirations. It is recorded with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in accordance with the 2013 Companies Act.

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