An LLP Registration in India is a different type of business structure that combines the advantages of a corporation with the adaptability of a partnership firm. The LLP concept entered India thanks to the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008. Small and medium-sized businesses can be established using this unusual combination.

It is quite easy to create and manage a Limited Liability Partnership Registration in India. An LLP must have at least two partners in order to be registered; there is no maximum. The LLP agreement specifies the responsibilities and privileges of the Partners. In an LLP, one partner is not responsible for the negligence and wrongdoing of the other partner. The partners are responsible for complying with all of the requirements of the LLP agreement.

Before a company may be incorporated in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs must first approve the company name (MCA). This procedure takes between 24 and 48 hours. In India, a company name must include the phrase "private limited." The last name is One Person Company (OPC) private limited. While LLPs end with LLP, Section 8 businesses may use the words "foundation," "association," or "institution."

A proposed company name cannot be identical to or confusingly similar to an already registered company name. Every company name must also include a word describing the activity it performs. For instance, VERVE Financial Services Private Limited classifies the activity as Financial Services.