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The drop bottom furnace is a type of continuous caster that produces flat bars by rolling the molten metal between rolls. It has been used in the production of steel since the early 1900’s.

Drop Bottom Furnace Quenches - A drop bottom furnace is an ideal choice for steelmakers who require high-quality hot rolled products.

  1. The Basics of Drop Bottom Furnaces:
  • In order to produce good quality steel, the temperature of the melt must be controlled at a constant level throughout the process.

  • This requires a large volume of molten metal to be maintained at a consistent temperature. If the temperature drops too low, the metal will solidify before it reaches the end of the roll line.

  1. Why Choose a Drop Bottom Furnace?
  • A drop-bottom furnace has several advantages over other furnaces. It allows the operator to control the temperature of the melt by adjusting the rate of flow through the furnace.

  • This means that the furnace can maintain a steady temperature without having to rely on expensive sensors and complicated controls.

  1. Types of Drop Bottom Furnaces Available:
  • Drop-bottom furnaces are classified into two categories. A water jacket is used in one kind to cool the molten metal as it runs down into the mold. Air cooling is used in the second kind.

  • Fans blow air across the top of the bath in air-cooled furnaces. Heat is transferred to the atmosphere as the air flows through the bath.

  1. How Does a Drop Bottom Furnace Work?
  • In a drop-bottom furnace, the molten steel enters at the bottom of the furnace and flows out at the top. The molten steel is then
  • poured into moulds where it solidifies.
    The moulds are usually made of sand or ceramic material.
  1. Benefits of Using a Drop Bottom Furnace:
  • There are several benefits of using a drop-bottom furnace. One benefit is that it allows the steelmaker to produce more steel per hour than other furnaces.

  • Another advantage is that it produces higher-quality steel because there is less chance of contamination.

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