What is GI?
Geographical Indication shortly named as (GI). Every antique region or a province has some geographical based specialities to it. For example Kancheepuram is famous for Silk. The quality of the silk is associated to its region of Origin Kancheepuram.

***Geographical Indicatio***n is a name or sign used against a product which corresponds to a specific region of origin.

GI not only protects the product from the region of origin but also attributes to the essential qualities, reputation or characteristic related to the product.

GI helps in protecting the ancient cultural products, traditional methods, our customs and helps in enhancing its promotion and popularity to an International standard.

Advantages of GI
GI confers effective protection to user and organization for producing the product within the particular region

Prevents goods duplication & imitation by unauthorized users maintaining the originality & increasing the producers economic growth

The registration adds tremendous value to the products and in turn increases the demand of the products within the country and overseas

Importance of GI
Many of the products have acquired reputation due to its good quality originating from a particular region for a long period of time. This reputation, if not protected threat, may arise from dishonest commercial operators. It may lead a consumer to by an imitated or duplicate product instead of getting a genuine product depriving its business value and reputation to a larger extent.

In order to prevent such illegal market, right is granted to the producers of such products by means of GI. As GI is a national asset, right is not issued to an individual instead it is granted to associations of persons or manufacturers of the product, or any organization or any authority representing the producers of goods.

The Government registry has certified 193 products as Registered GI’s of India till now. Some of the popular GI’s are Darjeeling Tea, Mysore Silk, Coorg orange etc.

GI - Registration Process
Search process & Proceed for filing before GI Registry

Thirdly the application proceeds for Journal Publication

The application is processed for examination by Registry

Finally the application is registered by Certification

Validity of GI Registration: Valid for a period of ten years but may be renewed from time to time for an unlimited period by payment of the appropriate fees