Hello fellow parents and gaming enthusiasts!

I come seeking your valuable advice and experience regarding an issue I'm facing with my child's gaming setup. My child loves playing GTA 4 on his curved gaming monitor, but recently, we noticed an unusual problem - there's noise coming out while he's playing.

We want to create a positive gaming environment for our child, ensuring both an enjoyable experience and safety. This noise is a cause for concern, and we're not entirely sure what could be causing it or how to resolve it. Hence, I turn to you, our wonderful community, for guidance.

Here are some additional details:

Curved Gaming Monitor[https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/d/accessories-and-monitors/monitors/curved-monitors/]. It's a high-quality curved monitor with excellent reviews, but we're unsure why there's noise when playing a game.

Nature of Noise: The noise seems to be coming from the monitor itself. It's not too loud, but it's definitely noticeable during gameplay, particularly during intense moments. It's more like a buzzing sound.

Game Settings and Performance: We've ensured that the game settings are appropriate for the monitor's capabilities, and the gameplay is smooth with no lag. However, the noise persists.

Troubleshooting Attempts: So far, we've tried adjusting the monitor's volume, updating the graphics drivers, and even checking for loose connections, but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue with their curved gaming monitor, especially while playing GTA 4 or any other demanding games? If so, how did you manage to fix it, or do you have any suggestions on what we could try next?

Moreover, considering that the gaming environment should be as safe as possible for our child, is this noise indicative of an underlying problem that could potentially be harmful to the monitor or the user?

We greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or troubleshooting steps you can provide. Our goal is to ensure our child's gaming experience remains fun, immersive, and safe.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance!

Best regards,