A strong and dependable tractor, the Farmtrac 45 is made to assist farmers and landowners with a range of jobs. A 3-cylinder, 45 HP diesel engine powers this little, 4-wheel drive tractor. Even the most arduous jobs may be completed with the engine's enough power and torque. The 4-speed, dual-range gearbox on the Farmtrac 45 can support both forward and backward speeds. Moreover, it has a locking differential for better control and traction on any terrain. The Farmtrac 45 includes a large number of features and add-ons. It has a three-point hitch system, a Category 1 & 2 drawbar, a power take-off, and a front-end loader. A full-length hood, adjustable hood height, and several instrument gauges are also included. Also, the Farmtrac 45 is compatible with a wide range of tools, including cultivators, rototillers, and mowers. The Farmtrac 45 is built to be dependable and durable even in the harshest conditions. It is made of strong materials and is built to last for many years of dependable service. If you want a strong and powerful tractor, this is a great option.