If you're a Path of Exile fan right now, you've probably been following Lake of Kalandra expansion lately, and immediately after GGG released 3.19, there were reports that the loot wouldn't drop, and the monsters were getting stronger and stronger ever.

As far as I'm concerned, I've been a Path of Exile player, and this update got me really interested in Lake of Kalandra League, so when 3.19 went live I immediately went to experience it.

I need to use a mirror to enter Lake of Kalandra. After entering, I found that the monster was stronger than the previous battle. I need to spend more time killing monsters, but after I destroy the monsters, I don't randomly drop loot, actually I want to Buy POE Orbs or other items to increase my economy, so that my character It can be upgraded, and the bead can let me buy other tools.

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