When the Brother machine is left idle for an extended period of time, it goes into Sleep Mode. In Sleep Mode, the computer behaves as if it is shut off, and the LCD is blank. The Brother machine will wake up if you hit a key on the control panel, the machine gets a fax or computer data, or you produce a copy.

Press anywhere on the touchscreen display to see if the Brother machine is in Sleep Mode.

The problem is fixed if the Brother Printer LCD Display not Working lights up and displays the home screen. For more information about Sleep Mode, see the solution: 'Can I change the Sleep Mode option on my Brother machine?'

If the LCD remains blank, try cycling the power by disconnecting it from the outlet, waiting 5 seconds, and then plugging it back in.

Continue to STEP 2 if the machine produces noises but the LCD stays blank.

If the machine makes no noise and has a blank LCD, see the solution: 'My Brother machine has no power. 'What should I do?'

If the power cord is linked to a surge protector or power switch, unplug it and connect it straight to an outlet. This is just for testing. Removing such devices aids in evaluating whether the blank LCD is caused by the device or the Brother machine.

NOTE: Brother strongly advises that you connect the Brother machine to a surge protector to protect your investment from power surges and lightning. We recommend that you choose a surge protector that is compatible with both normal alternating current power cords and telephone line cords. Surge protectors with telephone jacks will help to safeguard the machine from any power surges that may flow across a telephone line.