Mesa Airlines is an American airline based in Phoenix, Arizona. The airline operates as United Express and American Eagle. Airlines fly to a variety of domestic and international destinations. Mesa Airlines is one of seven airlines that operate on behalf of American Eagle. Under the agreement between American Airlines and United Airlines, the airline shares codes with American Eagle and United Express. Mesa Airlines has Bombardier CRJ 300, Bombardier CRJ700 and Embraer ERJ-175 aircraft.
Mesa Airlines Reservations offers the following classes of service:
Economy Class: Economy Class passengers enjoy free snacks and drinks and free carry-on luggage. The seats are key in this class of service, but they are quite comfortable as there is plenty of legroom. Passengers can enjoy additional legroom in economy seats at an additional cost for the main cabin area.
Business or Business Class: Mesa Airlines business class tickets provide excellent service and comfort for flights. On some flights, passengers can connect to WIFI. All seats are made of soft leather and have ample personal space. Free pillows and blankets are provided for each passenger.
First Class: First Class passengers will get premium seats with much more room and more leg room to fully relax. Passengers will also enjoy a premium lunch menu and a free in-seat entertainment system. Depending on the duration of the flight or the route, the airline will also provide a variety of services and other comforts, such as pillows, blankets and more. First Class passengers also have access to premium lounge areas at the city's central airport, including food, showers, spas and more.