CIP0002-Proposal to Support VEST Delegation

Dear Community,

COS.TV is a DApp engaging hundreds of thousands of users every day. The interaction between talented video creators and content consumers has helped the ecosystem thrive. To make the best use of COS tokens, VEST holders are expected to participate in content curation actively, i.e., liking great content. However, our statistics showed that some big VEST/COS holders are not very interested in content curation. On the other hand, the non-transferrable nature of VEST restricts its power from being delegated to someone who can make better use of it. Through the implementation of this CIP, we expect content creation and curation to flourish even more.



Holding VEST allows an account to gain governance power in the Contentos ecosystem. However, the nature of VEST makes it impossible to transfer part of this power to others, even temporarily. This CIP proposes to allow VEST delegation from its owner to another delegate account to enable a more dynamic usage of VEST without sacrificing its original design concept.


  1. Delegating: A VEST owner can initiate a VEST delegation for a specific amount of VEST to a particular account for a particular amount of time. For example, Alice, a VEST lender, initiates a 100-VEST delegation to Bob, the borrower, for 240 hours. During the delegation period, the governance power of VEST shifts from the lender to the borrower. The governance power includes the ability to influence content using the "like" function and to vote for a block producer. The following restrictions apply:
  • The borrowed VEST cannot be lent to another account.
  • VEST going through a power-down process cannot be lent. For example, if Alice holds 1,000 VEST, of which 600 VEST is in a power-down process, only 400 VEST can be lent.
  • Initiating a power-down for the lent VEST is not permitted. For example, if Alice holds 1,000 VEST, of which 400 VEST is lent to others, she can only power-down 600 VEST .
  • Delegation to oneself is not permitted.
  • The minimum amount for VEST delegation is 0.000001 VEST.
  1. Recalling: When the period of a delegation ends, the lender can recall the delegated VEST. The following restrictions apply:
  • The lender cannot recall the delegated VEST prior to the return time set when initiating the delegation.
  • Upon recalling, the delegated amount of VEST is frozen for the next seven days, and neither the lender nor the borrower has its power.
  • The entire VEST delegation will be recalled in a single transaction and will not be split.
    Exclusion: Accounts with zero-reputation are not permitted to initiate VEST delegations.

Effective Time

This change will come into effect at block height 16,411,000, at approximately 2020-04-02 07:00:00 UTC.







  1. 代理:VEST持有者可以发起VEST代理,将指定数额的VEST权力在指定的时间内交由指定的帐号代理。例如,借出者Alice可以将100 VEST代理给借入者Bob,为期240小时。在代理期间,VEST权力由借出者转移至借入者,包括点赞的效力与投票给区块生产者的效力。
  • 借入的VEST不能被借出。
  • 正在进行Power-down的VEST不能被借出。例如,Alice持有1,000 VEST,其中600 VEST正在进行Power-down,则最多可借出400 VEST。
  • 不能对借出的VEST进行Power-down。例如,Alice持有1,000 VEST,其中400 VEST已借出,则最多可对600 VEST进行Power-down。
  • 无法代理给自己。
  • VEST代理的最小数额为0.000001 VEST。
  1. 回收:代理期满后,借出者可以回收借出的VEST。
  • 借出者无法在设定的借出时间前提早收回VEST。
  • 借出者回收VEST时,这笔借出的VEST会冻结7天,期间内VEST的权力不属于借出者和借入者。
  • 针对一笔VEST代理仅能进行一次回收操作,收回该次借出的所有VEST,无法分割。
  1. 排除:信誉值为0的帐户无法进行VEST代理。


本改动预期在区块高度16,411,000生效,估计时间为2020-04-02 07:00:00 UTC。

Valid Proposal ✔

This is a valid CIP with the corresponding “make proposal” transaction at

Block producers and BP candidates please vote before block height 15,911,000, which is expected to be reached at approximately 2020-03-27 12:00:00 UTC. The voting result will be determined by the active block producers at block height 15,911,000.

For details on the “vote” transaction process for block producers and candidates, please refer to the “proposal” contract document (

Voting Result

Active block producers at block height 15,911,000: vietnamcoser, cosofficialbp3, costvbp, livemebp, cosofficialbp7, photogridbp, cosofficialbp1, cosofficialbp6, cosofficialbp4, vickybp, cosofficialbp5, bitruebp, chickenwings, brazilbp2, cosofficialbp2, bangrullezz, alogan, raiblocks, contentosbp1, brazilbp, hamburger.

Approved (20):





















Disapproved (0)

No voting record (1)


✔ This CIP is hereby approved.

The Contentos blockchain patch outlined in this CIP has been validated by Contentos Foundation developers and is available to all block producers. The CIP is expected to come into effect at block height 16,411,000, at approximately 2020-04-02 07:00:00 UTC.

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