Performance testing is a type of non-functional software testing that evaluates an application's speed, scalability, responsiveness, and stability under various workloads. It's an important step in ensuring software quality, but it's often thought of as a separate process that starts after functional testing and, in most cases, after the code is ready for release.
The goals of performance testing include application output, processing speed, data transfer velocity, network use, maximum concurrent users, memory consumption, workload efficiency, and command reaction times.
Appsierra is a market leader in performance testing services. Appsierra's Performance team tests software stability under stress using cutting-edge technologies such as internal activators, personalised dashboards, and or before Cloud injector machines. These strategies enable us to provide high-quality services to our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can set up performance testing for applications that are not accessible outside of private networks for security reasons.