When the navel or belly button changes into an abnormal position, a condition known as navel displacement results. Possible reasons include pregnancy, obesity, trauma, or surgery. Alterations to the abdominal wall brought on by ageing may also be to blame.
Symptoms of Navel Displacement

The most common symptom of navel displacement is a significant change in the shape and position of the belly button. Other symptoms might be: - Aches or soreness near the displaced navel

  • Redness and swelling where the displaced navel was
  • A scratchy or burning sensation - Difficulty donning clothing or underwear because they rub against the protruding navel

Causes of Navel Displacement

The most common cause of navel displacement is pregnancy because the expanding uterus puts pressure on the abdominal wall, which strains and shifts out of its normal position. Additional elements consist of:

  • Obesity: Putting too much force on the abdominal wall causes the navel to move.
  • Trauma: If the abdomen is injured, the navel may move from its natural position.
  • Surgery: Abdominal surgery might weaken the muscles that keep the navel in place, which could result in displacement.
  • Becoming older: As we age, our skin loses elasticity and is more likely to droop and shift.