We hear this question frequently at customers who used a virtual desktop for many years. Their question is filled with sentiment, so today I’d like to share some insight into their thoughts behind this question. As 80% of our partners (MSPs and VARs) offer solutions like Microsoft WVD, Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop and Workspace 365 it was time to question them and their customers. Today I’d like to share what we learned from them.

Why are IT-managers questioning if they still need a virtual desktop?

To start off, the primary reason that both customers, MSPs and VARs all noted for questioning whether they need it is the shift to browser-based applications (SaaS-first). As many applications are available in the web companies are questioning why they need a virtual desktop. This drives them to discover new solutions in the market as the flow of accessing a virtual desktop to open your browser doesn’t seem logical as all devices have a browser.

What IT-managers tell us after comparing virtual desktops and Workspace 365?

Before starting a partnership with Workspace 365, many of our IT-partners (MSPs and VARs) first tested multiple Citrix VDI Desktop solutions. One of the things they tell us is that setting up virtual desktops for their environment can take days (or even weeks). Usually, it is their existing IT-stack that makes it difficult to set-up an environment for themselves. And the partners see this same challenge for customers who want to move quickly and therefore choose Workspace 365, a browser-based workspace.

As many companies are looking at Office 365 for their company as an alternative to their remote desktop, Workspace 365 is a logical choice to unite their web applications, documents, information, contacts and their applications. Workspace 365 makes it easier to set-up workspaces and allows the partners to build their own workspace within hours.

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