The Powertrac 439 is a powerful and reliable compact utility tractor designed by the well-known tractor manufacturer, Powertrac. The tractor is powered by a 3-cylinder, 39 HP engine and comes with a 4 X 4 drive system and a hydrostatic transmission. This makes it perfect for a range of jobs in the agricultural, horticultural, and landscaping industries. The 439 is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology, making it a great choice for any job. The tractor has an ergonomic cabin, complete with air-conditioning, an adjustable steering wheel, and adjustable suspension. It also features a shuttle gearbox which allows for quick gear changes and a high-speed differential which helps to ensure a smooth ride. The Powertrac 439 is capable of carrying out a range of tasks, from hauling to mowing, to plowing and tilling. It also comes with a range of attachments, from front-end loaders to backhoes, which can be used to make light work of any job. No matter what job you are looking to carry out, the Powertrac 439 is sure to provide you with the power and reliability that you need. This reliable and powerful tractor is the perfect choice for any job.