The medium-sized, powerful, and dependable Farmtrac 45 tractor is ideal for small and medium-sized farms. It has a 4-cylinder, 45-horsepower engine that has little issue handling challenging tasks. To make changing quick and simple, it features an 8-speed synchronized shuttle gearbox. A front-end loader, mower, and tiller are just a few of the accessories and equipment that the tractor is compatible with. Excellent view and comfort are provided by the ergonomic, cozy operator's cab of the Farmtrac 45. The Farmtrac 45 is built for exceptional performance and dependability with minimal maintenance requirements. It is powered by a reliable, fuel-effective diesel engine that is built to ensure long-term, economical operation. The diesel engine is a wise environmental choice because it is made to reduce noise and pollution. A great option for small and medium-sized farms is the Farmtrac 45. It boasts a strong and reliable engine, a cozy operator's cabin, and a selection of tools and accessories to suit the requirements of every farm.