Using audiobooks for marketing is a great way to reach new readers who may not be interested in your printed books. These people may not have time to read, are blind or have dyslexia.

Before choosing a narrator, consider the quality of their voice and their ability to deliver the story with the same level of detail as your print. A poor storyteller can ruin the listening experience and make it difficult for the listener to follow the story.

Finding a professional storyteller is often the best way to create a high-quality audiobook hörbücher gratis. They can take care of many aspects of the production process, including editing your recordings to remove background noise, formatting recordings to industry standards, and more.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a storyteller is their enjoyment of storytelling. They need to be able to convey it in the most sincere, heartwarming way possible so that your listeners are hooked from start to finish.

In addition, a good storyteller will be able to use their voice well and be able to accurately portray characters of different ethnic backgrounds. Narrators without an authentic voice can ruin the listener's experience.

You should also have a proper marketing plan for your audiobook. This should include promoting your audiobook through your website, blog, and email newsletter.