The explosive play is the one most desired by talent evaluators and coaches at every level of football.Given that reality, it made plenty of sense that the NFL's -- -- won the league's Most Valuable Player award that season. So who were the most explosive ball-carriers in 2020? With the help of Next Gen Stats' player-tracking data -- which provides us with distance and speed measurements, among many other bits of valuable information -- we explored our vast database of tracking data to answer that question. To no one's surprise, the aforementioned Jackson again landed in the top 10. But unlike last year, he's not No. 1. And before we dive deeper into the list, we need to provide some important statistical baselines.A minimum of 100 carries was required to create a group of qualifiers with relative volume. From there, we examined the total number and percentage of 15-plus mph runs as the defining measurement of an explosive run. And to truly filter through the ma ses to find the best, we required a minimum of 20 runs that resulted in a gain of 10-plus yards.To review, here are our three criteria:A minimum of 100 carries in 2020.At least 20 carries of 10-plus yards.The defining metrics: the total number and percentage of 15-plus mph runs.What we found was a group of the NFL's most consistently explosive ball-carriers. Many of these names won't surprise you -- but be prepared for a few curveballs.