Josh Gordon has bounced around the NFL for nearly a decade. However, his career hasn't been quite as lucrative as some other nine-year veterans.Gordon has been in and out of the league while battling substance abuse problems. He has mi sed three full seasons as a result of his suspensions and hasn't played a 16-game season since his rookie year in 2012.Still, Gordon has made millions of dollars and he's set to add to his total after agreeing to a contract with the Chiefs. The only question is about whether he'll be able to stay on the field to collect it all before the end of the 2021 NFL season.Here's a breakdown of Gordon's net worth, which includes money made in 2021 and over the course of his NFL career:MORE: Gordon will make le s than $1 million in his return to the NFL. He is one a one-year deal worth $990K, per .However, Gordon will only receive a prorated portion of that cut, as he wasn't on the Chiefs' roster for the first four games of the season. As such, he will make a base salary of $ 770K.IYER: Gordon originally signed a practice-squad contract with the Chiefs that was worth $14K a week. Now, he's on acontract is only one year in length. Here's a breakdown of that deal:Base salary: $770KSigning bonus: $0Cap hit: $661,108Gordon's contract is non-guaranteed, so he can be cut at any point and the Chiefs will not owe him any more money.MORE: According to , Gordon has earned just over $5.5 million over his previous seven NFL seasons. That number will rise to nearly $6.3 million thanks to his new deal with the Chiefs.Gordon signed a four-year contract during his rookie season in 2012. Each of his contracts since then has been a one-year pact.Here is the breakdown for each of his contracts, all courtesy of :2012: 4-year, $5.34 million rookie contract2018: 1-year, $790K exclusive rights free agent tender2019: 1-year, $2.025 million restricted free agent tender2020: 1-year, $1.04 million contract2021: 1-year, $770K contractNFL BEST BETS: According to , Gordon is currently worth just $3 million. That means he has seen about half of his career NFL earnings slip away.Of course, Gordon dealt with quite a few fines and forfeiture of money over the years as a result of NFL suspensions. As such, it's entirely po sible that he never reached the high-water mark of $5.5 million in career earnings. Or if he did, he may have had to pay some of it back after mi sing time.