In short, a crypto payment gateway is a process of using cryptocurrency digitally for various purposes. Which is similar to debit and credit cards, it is also considered the fastest fiat currency exchange method.

It acts as a transaction facilitator between the buyer and the user.

Interesting facts about crypto payment gateway:

• Right now, many companies and services have started to accept crypto payments.
• 85% of merchants see crypto as a fast way to reach new customers and attract them.

The nature of the cryptocurrency is designed to be a decentralized platform. Which directly ignores the third-party involvement.

But still, many merchants are not accepting payments in digital currency.

Here are a few important advantages that are to be noted:

• Able to accept payments from every corner of the world.
• You do need to study or understand cryptocurrency to use a crypto payment gateway.
• Gradually reduces the volatility risks.

To sum up, removing a third party from the financial transaction is one of the fundamentals behind crypto payments. Which sounds great for many merchants and customers.

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