Developer’s Bounty Of Mobile Wallet / 移动端钱包开发赏金计划

Developer’s Bounty Of Mobile Wallet / 移动端钱包开发赏金计划

Contentos is launching a bounty of mobile wallet including iOS and Android. Developer of the final adopted one will be awarded 200,000 COS.


  1. Can generate BIP39 mnemonic and deduce standard public key and private key of contentos from the mnemonic.
  2. Can create accounts on main chain of contentos.
  3. Can import accounts from private keys or mnemonics.
  4. Can read COS balance, VEST balance, stamina of an account.
  5. Can transfer COS, deposit COS to VEST, freeze COS to STAKE, withdraw COS from VEST, unfreeze COS from STAKE.
  6. Can read current block producer list and vote to one of them.


  1. Need register to join the activity.
  2. Need describe your wallet’s procedure to us to review before you really beginning your coding.
  3. Either open source or give us permission to access your source code for reviewing.


  1. You can know how to query and send transactions from web wallet
  2. We prepared testdata contains bip39’s mnemonic with the deduced key-pairs.
  3. Register by reply this topic with information how we can contract with you.

开发 iOS 端和 Android 端 wallet 的悬赏:

Contentos 正在发起面向移动开发者的奖励计划:contentos 移动端 wallet 开发。最终被采纳的开发者可以获得 20 万 COS 的奖励。


  1. 生成 BIP39 助记词,并通过助记词生成 contentos 公私钥
  2. 在 contentos 主链上创建账号
  3. 通过助记词或者私钥导入账号
  4. 查看账号 COS 余额,VEST 余额,剩余耐力值
  5. 支持 COS 转账,抵押 COS 为 VEST,抵押 COS 为 STAKE 获取耐力,赎回抵押 VEST 为 COS,赎回抵押 STAKE 为 COS
  6. 查看当前 Block Producer,并能通过钱包给 Block Producer 投票


  1. 需要报名参加本次开发悬赏活动
  2. 开发前提供简单的流程图或者流程描述供审核
  3. 代码开源或者提供 contentos 官方阅读权限,我们会对代码审计,或者提供反馈意见


  1. 可以参考 web wallet 了解如何查询数据与发送交易
  2. 我们提供了 BIP39 和对应公私钥的测试数据供验证
  3. 回复这个主题并留下联系方式进行报名

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