Start-up in Norway Service from Los Angeles to Oslo and Berlin is being abruptly cancelled by Norse Atlantic Airways, showing that the company is dealing with more serious problems than just a seasonal decline in demand.

As a consumer, I was happy to see Norse Atlantic emerge from the ashes of Norwegian Airlines and was especially appreciative that the airline ran two flights to Los Angeles, including service to the capital city of Germany.

However, after reading trip reports from the start-up, I realised that it was actually just like Norwegian. Of all, financial difficulties existed in Norway long before the epidemic put a final nail in the coffin.

While Norse hasn't had to deal with some of the Boeing maintenance problems that plagued Norwegian, it still has challenges getting traction in the market because to its cyclical nature.

Last but not least, Norse Atlantic has also disclosed that it is modifying but keeping its service between Oslo and Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

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