Baggage fees are a complicated topic, largely because it appears like every airline has its own set of regulations. However, things are rather simple when flying with Texas-based American Airlines. To avoid paying a penalty fee in addition to the below-mentioned baggage fees, keep your checked bag under 50 pounds. Want to completely avoid the fees? Either you must achieve top loyalty rank, or you must pack extremely lightly.

Is there a baggage fee?

On all domestic flights on American Airlines, as well as the majority of those to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America, passengers in economy must pay $30 for their first checked bag. The first luggage is free if you're travelling internationally, such as to Paris or Hong Kong. On domestic flights, a second bag costs $40, but if you're going to Haiti, some countries in Central America, or South America, the price jumps to $65 per bag (there are exceptions, so be sure to check). The second bag price increases to $100 if you're going to Europe or Asia.

What's included in the baggage fee?

American Carriers only charges for checked luggage, as do the majority of other airlines. Each traveller is allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a compact bag or backpack. As long as it can fit in the overhead compartment, a musical instrument is regarded as a carry-on item. Mobility aids, strollers, and diaper bags are all acceptable and do not count toward your permitted carry-on item.

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