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Gmail, an email service provider, helps users to have reliable communication with their business associates, customers, and friends. This source of communication is fast and you can take advantage of the facilities it offers.

But have you ever thought about the loss that would occur if you lost access to your Google account? Well, there is a solution to everything and for that too. Let's look at the Google account recovery procedure. Users can also contact Google's Help Center for assistance.

Recommended Steps Involved in Google Account Recovery Password Reset

Go to the link or type the URL in the browser.
Then you need to click on "Forgot password" under the password field.
In the next step, enter the last password you remember and click Next.
Then you need to follow the on-screen instructions and you will be asked to open the recovery email address or phone number where you will receive the verification code.
Now, depending on your choice, open the email or phone number from Google and fill in the verification code in the message in the field.
You will be redirected to the reset password page where you will need to enter the new password and confirm it in the labeled field.
Now click on change password option and click continue. Your password and account have been recovered and you can log in to Gmail with your new password.
Google support is the best alternative if the user is unclear about the process mentioned above. The experts are dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of the users and providing them with the best support. Moreover, the services are available around the clock to lend a helping hand to users who are stuck in the problem.