Losing your Google account password is a common occurrence. But with the help of Account Recovery methods, you can easily recover it. There are many users who have failed to reset the lost password with the help of another email, phone number or by simply answering a security question. In such case / scenario, you can contact Google customer help center phone number.

Lets see the process Process to contact Google customer Support

If you have tried all possible ways to recover your lost password but failed then contact the customer support team. The easiest way to contact the support team is to call the helpline number.

Google has released a common helpline number to contact the support team on call. You can call anytime between 24x7 and therefore call the team.

You can press a particular digit for a specific doubt and your call will be transferred to the executive. You can summarize your doubts.

If you briefly report your issue to the customer care team, you they will try to fix it right on the call. If your problem is not resolved then you can even call them twice and the team will try to fix it again.

And with that you are done! Apart from contacting Google Help Center for Gmail account recovery, you can even email your doubts to the team or reach out on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.