Can a flight on American Airlines be cancelled? Yes, and you actually have a number of options to do the task. Although it can be unpredictable and frequently out of your control to make travel arrangements these days, the airline has streamlined its regulations to increase flexibility for travellers.

What you need to know about cancelling an American Airlines flight is provided below, along with advice on how to do it whether you paid with cash or miles.

American Airlines cancellation policy

Reading through terms and conditions to comprehend airline regulations can be challenging. The key elements of American Airlines' flight cancellation policy are summarised as follows:

When purchased at least two days before departure, all tickets can be cancelled for a full refund within 24 hours of the purchase.

Tickets that are cancelled for a full refund can be done so online or by getting in touch with reservations.

Tickets that are nonrefundable: no refunds after the 24-hour grace period. However, if a flight is cancelled prior to takeoff, you may utilise the unused portion of eligible tickets against another trip, provided the new flight occurs within a year of the original ticket issue date.

You are currently only permitted to modify your trip once.

Remember that only purchases made directly from American Airlines are covered by this policy. You must get in touch with the company directly if you purchased your ticket from a travel agent or website.