Southwest Airlines is the world's largest low-cost airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It has scheduled service to 115 destinations in the US and 10 other countries. It has its main centres in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago – Midway, Dallas-Love, Denver, Houston – Hobby, Nashville, Oakland, Phoenix, St. Louis and many more. From these locations, you can easily make your Southwest Airlines Reservations anytime, anytime you want to go to any destination.

Southwest Airlines is known for its low-cost air travel and incredibly flexible airline policy. Southwest Airlines does not have business class or first class, only economy class, which is very convenient and affordable for the general public.

Also, there is no other airline that beats Southwest airlines in the ease of changing and canceling reservations. Not forgetting its well-known customer service and travel amenities including high-speed Wi-Fi, seat-back TVs, seating options, meals, music app, TV shows, etc.

And also the facility to submit a request for medical assistance service, wheelchair, unaccompanied minor, add an infant, etc.

Southwest Airlines Reservations Online
You can book a flight on the official site or in the Southwest Airlines app.
Simple steps to reserve one:

Choose the type of your trip (one-way/round-trip/multi-city trip)
Select your departure date (and return round trip or multi-city)
Enter the number of passengers
Click on "find your flight"
Choose the time and price from the available options
You will then see a single page with all the relevant information, including luggage.
assignment and your change policy for your ticket in question
Finally, you just need to choose the payment options and you're done.

Southwest Airlines Change Policy
Southwest Airlines never charges you a fee to change a reservation. However, you may be required to pay the fare difference, if applicable.
You can change your Southwest Airlines reservations up to 10 minutes before your departure. That's how flexible Southwest Airlines is.

Also, unlike any other airline, Southwest Airlines allows you to lower the fare. If your new modified flight costs less than the one you originally booked, the difference will be refunded to you or held with the airline as credit or travel funds that can be used as future payment toward your next booking. It will be valid for 1 year from the ticket issue date. You can also upgrade your non-refundable reservation to a refundable reservation simply by following the change procedure.

If you are upgrading to a $300.00 refundable reservation from your previous $100.00 non-refundable reservation, you will have
get $200.00 back and $100.00 as credit or travel fund when you cancel. however i know
please note that if you do not change it prior to departure, it will be marked as a show and there is no refund or credit for a no-show reservation.

How to change the Reservation
Go to the official site of Southwest Airlines

Click change Southwest Airlines Reservations

Enter first name

Enter the middle name and click the continue button

Make any changes unlimitedly from the given options

How to cancel the reservation

  • Go to the official website of Southwest Airlines

  • Enter the confirmation code or number

  • put your first name

  • put your middle name

  • choose cancel

  • confirm cancellation

How to Change Southwest Airlines Reservations
There is a free cancellation policy 24 hours after the reservation is made regardless of the type of fare that is a refundable and non-refundable reservation as long as the ticket is purchased 7 days before departure. If you have a business ticket/anytime ticket, also known as a refundable ticket, you will have the option to choose a refund or a travel fund/credit when you cancel.

If your ticket is a Wanna Get Away Trip, also known as a non-refundable reservation, the value of the ticket will be held as a travel fund or credit when cancelled. You can use this credit on your next Southwest Airlines reservation. You can cancel up to 10 minutes before departure. If you do not change or cancel prior to departure, you will be marked as a no-show and there is no refund or credit for Southwest Airlines no-show reservations.

If you book a flight with points and not with a card, the point will be returned to your account when cancelled.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy
There are two free checked bags per passenger unlike other airlines these days that charge for
checked bags.

Checked baggage must measure:
Maximum 50 LPs in weight and maximum 62 inches in length + width + height.
Anything between 51-100 LP and over 62 inches will be counted as overweight and oversized and not
will have a charge of 75.00 USD for each item.

Hand luggage must measure:
Bags must be 10 × 16 × 24 inches wide/height/length and must be stored in the top bin.
Personal bags must be 18.5 × 8.5 × 13.5 inches and must be stored under the seat in front of you.

Call @:1-855-642-2660