Life occurs, and occasionally you need to ask a question or talk to someone directly about your reservation. How do you speak with Volaris?

There are a few choices, but a lot of them don't require communicating with people directly. By entering into "My Trips" on the Volaris website, you can review your purchases or amend any aspects of your reservation. Additionally, you can find solutions to frequently asked questions on respective content sites.

You can use Facebook Messenger to communicate with a chatbot or contact Volaris Airlines Real Person at 800-419-8165 if you prefer. They claim that while the chatbot can assist with the majority of your questions, you may have to wait up to two hours to speak with a human person.

You have the choice of checking in on their website or through their app if you've chosen to fly with Volaris.

The counter check-in option is also available, but there is an additional price.

On domestic flights, you have up to an hour before takeoff to check in. On international flights, check-in is available from 24 hours till takeoff.