CenturyLink Customer Service Representatives can resolve a variety of issues over the phone, including registering you for a new service as well as transferring, changing and canceling a service.

In addition, a representative can perform certain diagnostics on your service and your equipment. The representative may also be able to teach you how to use your equipment and get the most out of your broadband, phone, and DirectTV services.

What can't be resolved over the phone with CenturyLink?

If your situation can only be resolved by replacing or repairing the equipment, you will need to either schedule an appointment with a technician or arrange to exchange the devices at a CenturyLink location.

If you wish to pay your bill in cash, you will need to visit an authorized payment centre. Be sure to bring your latest CenturyLink invoice with you to ensure your payment is correctly credited to your account.

What can I do if I am unhappy with my CenturyLink call?

If your first call to CenturyLink doesn't resolve your issue, don't give up. There are still things you can do:

If you haven't already, write down what happened during your call. Having this information in writing may make it easier for you to describe what happened to other CenturyLink agents.

Remind. You may have had a bad experience with a representative, but the next person you talk to may have the training and ability to help you.

Use CenturyLink's live chat option to connect with a representative. A variation is to get in touch through CenturyLink's social media accounts. Either option provides you with a transcript of your conversation, which can be very useful if you need to delve deeper into the subject.