You can modify, cancel, and check your reservations on the Southwest Airlines website by visiting the manage booking section. The website also enables you to print boarding tickets and alter flight schedules, among other things.

You can also let your loved ones see or share your bookings. The organised booking procedure is simple to use, and the official website has all the details you require. Here are a few useful pointers:

By phoning the number mentioned, you can simply alter your reservation at any time.

If you'd like, you can print a copy of your tickets.

It's crucial to know that if you make changes or cancel after the 24-hour window, you will still be charged.

You can modify or cancel your reservation when you are booking a flight using the manage booking feature.

Additionally, you can alter your flight's seat, baggage policy, and other specifics.

You can choose a seat, order food, and look up additional details under the manage booking section. Even more services can be added to your reservation. Additionally, everything is done online!

You can call the call centre listed on the Southwest Airlines website to modify and amend your reservations.

This service is cost-free and accessible around-the-clock.

Call us at +1-800-419-8165 from 7AM to 7PM EST for Southwest Airlines Manage Booking.