How do I chat with a live person at Google?
We use Google a lot in our daily lives. From Gmail accounts to payment apps on our phones, Google is essential for everyone. If you are having trouble with Gmail or gpay account or have any questions about a Google product, you can contact Google's help center 24/7 for assistance.

To access the Google Help Center:
Live chat: You can start discussing your issues with a Live chat with google customer support representative via text message on a live chat window available on Google's official website. Live chat is beneficial for detailed discussion and gathering information about Google products and other queries. To start live chat:

Go to the Google support page

Select the contact us option

Choose live chat mode

Select the query subject appearing in the chat window

Start the conversation with the Google customer service person.

You can use the Google chat function from your Gmail account or from the Google web page. In any case, you will receive full assistance from the customer service person for your questions.
Besides live chat, you can reach the Google Help Center by phone.