As one of the major airlines in Turkey, Turkish Airlines provides the best services and facilities to its passengers. If a passenger wants to change their travel plans and cancel a ticket booked with Turkish Airlines, they can do so easily.

Ticket cancellation is handled in accordance with the Turkish airlines cancellation policy. This policy is designed according to the interests of both passengers and airlines. The important points of Turkish Airlines cancellation policy and ticket refund are as follows.

If the passenger cancels the ticket, only the reservation tax amount is refunded. Ticket fees and fuel tax included in the ticket are non-refundable. Almost all of the reservation amount will be consumed when the ticket is cancelled. If a passenger has booked an international flight ticket with Turkish Airlines, it cannot be canceled as the airline does not allow it. If the remaining flight departure time is less than 1 hour, and if canceled within 1 to 12 hours of the scheduled departure time, 40% of the reservation amount will be charged as a cancellation fee. 12 hours before departure, 20% of the total fare is a cancellation fee. And the ticketing fee is part of the refund amount. Most airlines offer passengers a 24-hour policy, but Turkish airlines do not have such a policy.