Cryptocurrencies emerged as an asset type that offers investors the opportunity to invest and receive substantial returns. The asset class has enjoyed huge popularity in recent times. Set up an account. From Rs100, you can trade.
Cryptocurrencies are a new asset that allows you to invest and earn significant returns. This asset class has seen huge popularity, despite not having government backing. The potential for high returns within a short period of time has prompted investors to get on board the crypto bandwagon.
Here are the steps you need to take in order to trade digital currencies.
Select the right crypto exchange
Open trading account
Fund Your Account
Buying and investing in Cryptocurrency
Store your Cryptocurrency safe
Choose a Strategy
Step 1: Select Right Crypto Exchange
Few years back Due to the absence of crypto regulation in India, there was no regulation of cryptocurrency trading. But now the Indian government regulates those things. So with the help of the crypto exchanges platforms, you can easily buy and sell your digital currency without hesitation. WazirX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in the country.
Step 2:Create Trading Account
To start trading, you must create an account at the cryptocurrency exchange of your option. This account will resemble a bank account. The exchange will check your credentials during registration based on the services you choose, the amount you intend to deposit, and the choices for exchanging coins that are offered. Sharing KYC information and setting up payment choices are required. You might have to provide copies of your PAN card, picture ID, and address verification for KYC. Notably, unlike traditional stock markets, cryptocurrency exchanges run 24/7/365.

Step 3:Fund Your Account

You will need to transfer some funds to your crypto-trading account in order to purchase cryptocurrencies after you open an account. Transfer funds online from your bank to the crypto-trading accounts. This requires you to link both accounts. A waiting period may be required depending on your policy to purchase digital coins.

Step 4: Investing in and Purchasing Cryptocurrency
You must choose the coins you want to invest in after opening an account and sending money. The most popular are Bitcoin and Binance Coins. Tether, XRP, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Binance Coin are also good options.

Step 5: Store your Cryptocurrency
After completing your purchases, storage is the most important step. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not officially supported by any organization, and therefore almost certainly do not have a standard insurance coverage. Additionally, they worry about being hacked. As a result, you must securely keep the passcode to your assets and account. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to keep your bought coins in a crypto wallet.

Step 6: Choose a Strategy
Elliott Wave Theory is a great strategy to increase profits. Elliott Wave Theory focuses on the psychology of market sentiment and works well with speculative assets such as cryptocurrencies.
Before increasing your bitcoin investment, you may also acquire the advice of certain experts in the field. Instead of mindlessly following anyone's advice, one should always start with minimal investments and carefully research the market.


A crypto license is necessary for the operation of a cryptocurrency business.

It should not be difficult to obtain a crypto license if your business follows the highest standards and is reputable. A crypto license is not an easy process for budding entrepreneurs looking to set up a new company.

The procedure can be lengthy and require a lot of documentation. Entrepreneurs will often have trouble obtaining a cryptocurrency license in India . To get their license quickly, they should approach the white label crypto exchange development firm.