German radio is not exclusive and there are many free stations to listen to online and radio deutschland is one of them. Among them are stations aimed at the German population and others covering a wider area.

Most of the German stations are local and regional. However, a few of them offer national coverage.

Deutschlandfunk, based in Cologne, is a knowledge-oriented station. It features cutting-edge reporting on international events. They also have an extensive selection of pedagogical and cultural programming. Their broadcasts are digitally-transmitted and are available in MP3 format.

Radio was introduced in 1929. By the end of the Weimar years, the Nazis had seized power and were using radio for anti-Semitic purposes. The government had a committee of experts from the radio industry to ensure quality control.

The Volksempfanger was a propaganda machine that was highly popular. In addition to music, it could play recordings of Hitler's speeches. The radio's design was inspired by art deco and had a rectangular speaker. 65% of the households in Germany had a Volksempfanger by 1941.

Volksempfanger ads claimed the radio brought the people and the government together. Moreover, it was affordable.

Some of the German stations are licensed to produce and sell cheap radio sets. Manufacturers were required to follow strict standards and could not modify the circuitry.

During World War II, listening to "enemy" radios was punishable by death. After the war, several stations were brought back on air.

There are over 400 private radio stations in Germany. Nearly 100 public radio stations are licensed.