Severe weather, wear and strain, and climatic changes can cause significant cracking on terraces and rooftops. Additionally, it needs to be waterproofed or built correctly. In that case, water will probably leak through the typical joints between the walls and the roof, causing interior and exterior walls to become moist and deteriorate.

Today, several improvised waterproofing options offer some quick fixes and traditional techniques of waterproofing a roof, such as a brickbat Coba, plaster, or chemical solution. Constant rain and temperature changes might provide short-term comfort, but cracks and seepage are likely to appear rapidly. These quick fixes merely provide a coating between the plaster and the paint, so they are short-term, dependable fixes.

Choosing the right waterproofing for your roof

Consider the following if you're searching for dependable, long-term waterproofing solutions:

Bonding strength

The bonding strength is crucial because it guarantees that the solution firmly adheres to the roof to provide long-lasting and efficient waterproofing. The membrane can move freely or with restrictions depending on how the substrate is bonded. The bonding strength also influences the degree of the product's flexibility and elasticity.

Crack bridging

This characteristic determines whether a waterproofing solution can withstand stresses brought on by a substrate crack. Crack bridging will assist in bridging pre-existing gaps and preventing them from reappearing if the roof has sustained severe damage in the form of cracks.


If dampness and fractures occur on your roof and walls every year, even after waterproofing, your method may need to be adjusted. Proper waterproofing solutions last a very long time. With this in mind, it's crucial to make sure you choose expert waterproofing options and materials that can offer elongation and endure for many years.

Adhesive properties

This characteristic help in ensuring that the bindings consistently maintain their waterproofness and firm grip. A waterproofing compound must have good adhesive properties on surfaces because even the most vital bindings can rapidly dissolve when exposed to water.

Heat and UV resistance

In India, the summertime heat may be very intense, damaging the roof and quickly heating the interior, especially for top-floor residents. The roof's heat- and UV-resistance guarantees that it reflects heat, resulting in energy efficiency and cooler indoor temperatures.

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