Limited Liability Partnership:

As the name suggests, a limited liability partnership, also known as an LLP, is a type of partnership firm in which either some of the partners or all of the partners, depending on the kind of jurisdiction, possess limited liabilities.

LLPs are flexible legal and tax entities that allow partners to benefit from economies of scale by working together while reducing their liability for the actions of other partners.

This is made possible by LLPs' dual purpose of being both legal and tax vehicles. Having business partners means sharing the risk, using each person's skills and knowledge, and dividing the work.

Procedure to register a company online:

Step 1: Fill up a form
Step 2: Make an online payment.
Step 3: Our executive person will process the application
Step 4: Get confirmation by mail
Step 5: Start up a private limited company

Can a foreigner incorporate LLP?

Under the LLP Act of 2008, foreigners, including foreign companies, can set up LLPs in India. But for this to work, one partner needs to live in India.

Benefits of Limited liability partnership:

  • Low cost and fewer regulations to follow

  • NO requirement for minimum capital contribution

  • How many people work together

  • The tax side of LLP.

  • Entrepreneurs find it easy to start and run a business.

  • The members have a written agreement about how the partnership will work and how the profits will be split.

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