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American airlines overview

94 years ago, on April 15, 1926, American Airlines was founded. If you didn't already know, American Airlines is thought to have one of the top six airline fleets in the world in terms of both passenger volume and revenue. Approximately 6,800 American airlines launch every day.

Currently, the airline serves 350 destinations worldwide, 95 of which are domestic (located in 55 different countries across five continents) and 95 of which are international. Additionally, American companies provide services including passenger transports, staircases, freight, and luggage storage.

Basic & premium classes of the American airline

Even though it's an American airline Learn as much as you can about American Airlines' basic and premium classes before buying your tickets to ensure that you can provide the best services and make the customer's trip unforgettable.

If you want to make any changes in booked ticket then contact American Airlines for American Airlines Manage my Booking.