Whenever a startup falls short of funds, they apply for loans from financiers or banks. However, it takes a long time for loans and payments to be processed. At present, the world is entering the blockchain and crypto era. Many budding startups and business people are using tech-friendly ways to raise funds for their projects. One such strategy is an ICO. Raising capital through crowdfunding is considered a prominent solution. As they plan the development of ICOs, they must consider token standards. Now, as we compare existing token standards, the BEP20 Token outshine many of them due to its frictionless compatibility with other blockchain platforms and demanding features. Now, let us look at the BEP20 token

Features of BEP20 Token:

Features play a major role in the creation of BEP20 tokens. By raising funds efficiently, it attracts more crypto users around the world. Some of the key features are

  • Completely decentralized

  • Interoperable with other frameworks

  • Details of the token

  • Cross-matching with BEP2

  • Smart Contracts Integration

  • Dual chain architecture

  • Verified source code

  • Customizable decimals

  • Access Type

  • Burnable

By looking at the features, you might be tempted to Create BEP20 Token for your crypto business.

But as a startup, you might wonder "why BEP20 Token is so commonly used by startups and cryptopreneurs for ICOs"? If you are interested in the entire overview of them, then you can check this blog >>> BEP20 Token Development for ICO

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