This may be a question posed to you in the past, but if you are designing a new project, it is essential to tackle this requirement on a case-by-case basis. The following are some topics we discuss with customers when we are trying to assist them in determining whether or not they require a non-skid ingredient on the epoxy floor coating we are applying.

That is one of many factors to consider while making these enhancements, but it is often significant.


  • If your concrete is on an indoor floor, does it ever get exposed to the elements, such as through a huge bay door or rollup?

  • If your concrete is located on an outdoor floor area, does it ever get exposed to the elements? During our work in the business world, we regularly deal with projects of this kind.

  • Concrete that is exposed to the elements, or concrete that can be exposed to the elements, can be hazardous in freezing or wet circumstances brought on by precipitation. Therefore, one's place of residence is important. Suppose you're working on a project in a climate that gets a lot of snow up north, and some of your concrete is exposed to the elements.

  • In that case, you'll want to carefully consider whether or not your epoxy floor coating can use some of this non-skid substance added into the mix. If it can, you'll want to make sure you use it. When the project is finished, give some thought to how people will use this space daily over the entire year.


  • Even if you are working on a project inside, the concrete may become hazardous due to spills during typical daily activities. For example, the floor of the typical auto repair shop likely has a certain quantity of motor oil or other liquids at any moment.

  • Accidents can occur as a result of having a concrete floor that is too smooth. Consider how the apparatus will be used on a floor surface and whether it will be susceptible to moving or dropping.


  • Indoor concrete areas with much foot traffic can also use a non-slip additive if many people move through the building at once. Many women wear stiletto high heels, and even shoes with better traction can cause slipping and falling on particularly smooth floors.

  • You may certainly put up those "Caution wet field" signs, but a non-skid additive would be an even better preventative measure.

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